Blessed U R

I was trekking happily through the misty rain today; it was so beautiful. I lifted my face up to the sky and closed my eyes, the droplets melting down my face like joyful tears. When rain starts pattering on the roof I am known to jump up from whatever I am doing to walk through it. Or run, for that matter. It`s such a marvelous blessing; I savor it. Why, everything about it seems utterly perfect, from the damp, fresh smell, to the pleasant squish under bare feet through wet grass. It is a blessing. I am blessed. You are blessed. No matter where you are, who you are, there is always something to rejoice over. So, rejoice over it.

We went garage saling yesterday. I often get overwhelmed by all the stuff, but today it was just a lovely time, not just because of my findings. I have been watching some dear friends who are bloggers with their nifty cameras, Canon Rebels. Every picture seems so crisp and lovely and I`ve drooled over them. It just so happened, one sale we went to had a Canon Rebel for a very good price, less than I`d seen on Ebay or anywhere else, and so we got it. With my excitement, I wanted to tell my dad and so my mom let me text him. He could have said anything in return. “Great!” or “That`s so exciting”, but he didn’t answer that way. He said,’ Blessed U R.’ I know I have the best father in the world.

No matter how dark your day looks, no matter how dark my day looks, there is a flash of light winking at us like a flag. It may seem little, but it is there. So, why not remember and notice these things? This is a new Sunday ritual, to write of one, or more, blessings. If you feel inspired to do so, write of the blessings you`ve noticed. You can write in the comments or connect it on the comments with a link to a blog post. It doesn`t have to be long, and I believe it will be spirit-lifting to share together how blessed we are.


Blessed U R for…

Watching             Brown Bananas   A LILY

Given blessings

         Good Work      Challenges

The Great Ponca West Adventure

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