Time Flies!

I sat down contented on the first day of summer break. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, looked up, and discovered, alas, it was already August. No matter who I talk to they say the same thing, “This summer flew by so fast! I declare, this seems like the shortest summer in my life.”, and no doubt they’ll only get quicker.


I’m excited for the school routine, somewhat dreading my sister leaving the house for college, and yet, ready for the abounding opportunities spreading before me. Right now though, there is a lull-not meaning we’re not busy-but that so much change is about to happen, but hasn’t started. It feels like falling off a bed, it’s not the hitting the floor that is as frightening as the unknown of falling.

It feels like falling off of bed, it’s not the hitting the floor that is as frightening as the unknown of falling.


This school year, I want to learn even more than I have in all the others. I just can’t wait to dig in! Here are a few things I’m keeping as goals for this upcoming school year.


  • I want to fully commit to doing math. Math and science are not enjoyable for me in the least because they don’t make sense to me. How easy it is to just skip one day here or another day there; this year I want to fully decide to do it with fidelity.


  • Find the line between enjoying myself and wasting time. In case you haven’t noticed, I love making things pretty; I love studying , coming up with lists of questions, and decorating papers. I have the most fun with school when I’m going farther in a subject than what is asked of me-this isn’t bad, but some times I go too far and waste time. This year, I want to learn to find the line of still enjoying myself, but not wasting time.


  • Learn more vocabulary. I find much joy in words. I savor them. I think it adds such a strength to writing. What happens is we overuse a set of vocabulary words until they lose their real definitions-they could be very fine words but if we overuse them they wear out. And the only way to learn more vocabulary is to be aggressive and do it. I want to start writing down words I don’t know from books I read during school and memorize them to improve my repertoire. A quick note: It helps to learn how to pronounce the words you learn. Everything just generally goes better if you do.


What are your goals for the new school year?





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