The Reasons Why You Should Stop Thinking Today


You think thinking is mature? Well, maybe you should re-think your thinking habits. Thinking is now a thing of the past; ask anyone around you who’s young and you’ll promptly find that they don’t think. Not thinking is in style; being inane is a fabulous, downright impressive state of mind and should be encouraged, not suppressed. I suggest you perform a test; take five old people and five young people- you’ll find that what is stated above is absolutely true, and therefore, should be followed.

After years and years of thinking about thinking, I have come to the realization that no one thinks any more. Just like no one writes anymore, no one thinks. Everyone else isn’t, so it logically follows that you shouldn’t either! Come up with one intelligent thought and, I assure you, you will receive only blank stares and gawking, open mouths in reply. What really is the point of thinking? Does anyone really care whether all of us make dumb decisions? No! And why is this? Because if we all do it together, it doesn’t make any difference. Let me tell you, thinking is too much work. It fatigues the brain and muffles a carefree life. Introspective people tend to be thin and irritable, eating bits of green lettuces and celery; do you want to be that sort of person? Obviously not, so get your head straight.

When people begin closing their minds to the real world and set their head to thinking, you’ll notice they stop talking. When people think, they become self-conscious. You’ll also discover that thinking is addicting and it spreads. When one thinks one thought, it surely grows into another; then imagine, if that thought is shared, it unwittingly forces other persons to think it as well and to have thoughts about thoughts! These thinkings can be dangerous and should therefore be stopped.

The best, most efficient way to not go through pain is to avoid it all together. Join the movement today. Let us leave all wisdom behind, and surely, no one will know the difference.


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