English Majors and Being Rich


Why write? It seems like such a simple past time, so why do it? Why pour so much energy into a pen down into a pad of paper? My friend Amalia wrote about encouraging young writers, she said,

“I know several young writers–I am one!–and people don’t tend to encourage this ‘frivolous pastime’ we want to pursue. I remember telling people that I wanted to be a writer years ago, and they would give me that sad smile, ‘dream now, write if you must, then go find a real job so you’ll be able to eat’.”

I found this to be all too true. More and more often, people ask me if I know what college I’d like to go to and what I’d major in. When I say I’m interested in English the common response is, “Oh, so you want to be a teacher?”. The truth is, though, you can do so much more! You can do so much more than work exhausting jobs all day to come home to scribble on pieces of paper and dream of a time when you could do more.

So many people nowadays don’t even bother to learn the grammar of writing– they don’t know how to write. We don’t realize it, but we use writing everywhere-having the skill of writing well is priceless in a world that doesn’t write anymore. Even without an extraordinary gift for writing, knowing how to write properly is a wonderful thing to know. We are wanted. It’s like knowing the etiquette of dancing–you don’t need the manners to dance, but you do need it to dance well, and once you know this, you are much easier to dance with. When people see that you know how to write, they will want you because you’re rare.

And even if there are no jobs for us? What if we do find that doing what we dreamt of doing didn’t completely furnish our cupboards? If we know how to work hard, we can pull through these times. I, for one, am not afraid of being poor. It is a better option than living the rest of my life rich, doing something I’ve never wanted to do. So there are our options; we can take the risk, do what we love, or guarantee our success, be rich, and be discontent. You may be surprised what most people choose.



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