Gathering Light

There was one, walking on a clear, cheerful road. The sunlight simply spilled across her path and dazzled the eyes. She carried a jar with her all day to put flowers and pretty findings in. And so, with triumph, she walked about her days, happier than a princess on a violet throne. One day, as she trotted along, she tripped and tumbled down, down, down-into a black pit, and the darkness swallowed her into despair. She had fallen so far and so fast that she could not even spy a glimmer of her dear, familiar path she had trodden so much; everything that was real to her was before her now. She waited for days. Then she began seeing glimmers of light; they sparkled here and there only to disappear again. She caught one in her hand and gazed at it as it danced before her and she found hope in it. She began to find hundreds upon hundreds of flickering lights, and so she began to gather them into her jar. The more she gathered, the more hopeful she became, until she had filled her jar with the sparkling lights and could see all about her. She began exploring the dark pit and found a staircase leading upwards. Sometimes, as she ascended, she became frightened, for the darkness behind her seemed to threaten to pull her down again, but she clung tightly to her jar of light and continued to crawl slowly up the stairs. One hour, she found that there was more light than dark- she had reached the end of the tunnel. When she entered the light, her sunlit pathways looked differently than they had before, but perhaps not in an awful way. She took out her jar of light from under her arm.Taking out the specks of light, one by one, she formed them into a crown and placed it upon her head so as never to forget the light always before her.

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  1. boyd says:

    Wonderful story .


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