Week 46, Photography Challenge

After finishing a post about not stopping things in the middle, I thought a moment and realized I was in the middle of something and should finish it strong. So, dear readers, here I am once again. You might have forgotten about me, but don’t worry, I’m still here. This month has been so busy; your little fly has nearly lost herself in it! I went on a mission trip to Ecuador, was in a play, and now I’m slowly winding down just in time for the Fourth of July. Amidst this, I became behind on taking photos. So I am going to share an assortment of pictures from my adventures. Here we are.IMG_2251

IMG_2242  IMG_2230This is in the mountains. The children in Ecuador were so delightful! I made lots of new friends there.

IMG_2381  Not restaurant, restaurante


IMG_2425IMG_2456IMG_2415.JPG  Arrival in the rain forest was quite a climate change, but even in the heat, it was so beautiful.

IMG_8660  The day I returned from Ecuador, I heard that I had a doggy coming to stay for a few days. What a blessing Dickens was!IMG_8820IMG_8826IMG_8831.JPGIMG_8862  These are pictures from the production I was in, called ‘John Dough and the Cherub’.

Finally, I had time to go outside to the garden. Oh glorious day!

Happy Snapping!

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