Why Not To Stop In the Middle

mountain post

I do so enjoy starting things, new notebooks, new hobbies. It’s such a wonderful moment to write on the first line of a fresh piece of paper, to take the first bite out of an apple, to write the first half of a story. Then I reach the rest of it. It’s there for a reason-without it things wouldn’t be complete-but it’s not so exciting. It’s easy to give up because it gets hard. But without it we would never have all of something, only parts, you would end up with a mound of unfinished notebooks on your shelf, moldy chocolate, and half-told stories.

I had the opportunity this summer to climb a mountain with a group of people. We had to drive up a long time before we reached the mountain we intended to climb. The air was so much thinner than we were used to; it seemed we were out of breath before we had even begun. We approached the bottom, “Boy, ” said I, “and I thought this would be a tough climb, dragging ourselves up with ropes and things, but this isn’t so very steep at all.”. What I didn’t take into account was how much thinner the air really was. Just a few steps up the mountain and our group wanted to sit down to gasp for breath. Some started up only to go down again, but some of us kept pushing on. There were a few people who were used to the air and flew up with enough time to come back down and check on us stragglers. One man, who spoke very little English, kept saying to me, “Keep going, keep going!”, and so I did. There was a point when I realized we were more to the top than we were to the bottom and that I couldn’t go back. How could I stop when I was so close? And though at times it was painful, it was worth every bit for the view at the top.

Inside the clouds!


It felt like I was on top of the whole world.


Sometimes, the best thing that can earn self-confidence is to finish something. It will feel  wonderful because it was so hard. So stick through with it; there’s a view that’s worth it, when you reach the top.

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