Photography Challenge: Week 39


When the business ends, don’t look back and wish for it again. All I have to is look forward, and the mass of everything I will do this year looms over me like a thundercloud. So, it’s best to take each piece at a time and enjoy it for what it’s worth. But why would you want to hear whether I’ve been doing a lot or doing nothing? Down to photo business!

(Don’t miss Amy, Bethany, Amalia, Chef William, and Alice’s photo posts)

IMG_8061.JPGIMG_7961IMG_7966IMG_7976IMG_8008IMG_7942  Excuse my splurge of photos. This day was my sister’s graduation and so much happened that was picture-worthy.

IMG_8088  Birthday breakfast! Leftovers from graduation.

IMG_8107.JPG  There are so many pretty handwritings.


I finally had a bit of time to head out to my herb garden and freshen everything up.

IMG_8206.JPGIMG_8187.JPG  So cute!

IMG_8211.JPG  A cilantro leaf, it’s so huge!

IMG_8221.JPG  I have been lighting a candle in the mornings. It seems just the perfect thing to do because it’s so calm and quiet.

Happy Snapping!


One Comment Add yours

  1. Amalia says:

    I love your photos, dear! Especially that picture of Hannah–the reflection! Oh, it’s beautiful.


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