Photography Challenge: Week 38

Busy, busy, beautiful week, I especially enjoy rainy, grey days. And the uncertainty of Nebraska weather is exciting and wonderful.

Here are the photos from this week; don’t forget, Amy, Bethany, Amalia, Chef William, and Alice have joined the challenge too.


I find this to be a pretty mess. All made of books and paper.


I made supper one night and made up the recipes for meatballs and fried sweet potatoes.

Our family lately found a new drink called Honest Fizz.


Readers of the classic, Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, perhaps will agree that it is an extremely lurid read. For school, I wrote a persuasive essay about the character Heathcliff.


Our cilantro has reseeded the past few years. It has grown to be a thick-stemmed, opulent plant that turns up in the most odd places.


When making big plans, lists are an excellent idea. That way there’s no risk of forgetting, except, of course, if you lose the list.


There are so many ‘lovelities’ in a peppermint stick. For one, they’re stick candy, and that adds to the overall effect of them. And for two, their colorful stripes are so merry; it’s a delight to lick their swirls.

Happy Snapping!


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