Photography Challenge: Week 37


Do you always feel like you have smudges on your camera lens, but you can never find where? The past few weeks my camera seemed to have a smudge. When I looked through the view finder, my camera said it was clear, but it didn’t appear clear. Sure enough, when I actually took the photo, on the screen it was indeed clear. I could take plenty of pictures but, alas, that forever smudge was a constant annoyance. I asked my expert cousin about this, and we started searching it out. I didn’t know there was such thing as a Diopter. This little piece is meant to be adjusted so that one can see clearly through the viewfinder! It is the little turner right next to the viewfinder with a negative and plus sign next to it. However obvious this may have seemed, what a wonderful thing to finally see through a sharp viewfinder once again!

Here are my photos for the week. (Amy, Bethany, Amalia, Chef William, and Alice have joined the challenge too. Don’t forget to follow their links!)


I have been posting words on my bedroom mirror.

IMG_7565  Bethany talked about these pins on her blog. I have been using them so much. With only two pins, I can put my whole hair up. I have found I can do things I couldn’t do before, like french twists, because of the time it took to stick every little pin in just right.

IMG_7588IMG_7581  Two little friends of mine came and played with me the other day. We did several science experiments, and Elijah was enthralled.

IMG_7598  Ahh, the reading!

IMG_7621IMG_7628IMG_7673IMG_7710  Cuter and cuter, every week.


I think dandelions are nice things. And yes, I may be weird.


We are finally getting asparagus from our garden.

Happy Snapping, Folks!



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