Photography Challenge: Week 36

It finally begins to feel like spring! Our trees are blossoming, the violets are bursting forth, and green is springing up everywhere from every branch and bit of ground in sight. It is so beautiful.

Besides my pictures for the week, don’t forget to look at Amy, Bethany, Amalia, Chef William, and Alice‘s blogs for the photos they’ve been taking.

Violets are one of my favorite flowers. They’re so wild, so simple, and so butterfly-like.

IMG_7484  Candles, yes, candles.IMG_7480  I have been meaning to read Little Women for a long time, and I finally started it. Louisa May Alcott has such a delightful style.IMG_7489     Romanesco broccoli.

I have been wandering outside finding different pretty things to cheer up inside.IMG_7511  Meat, pork chops, to be specific. Yum!IMG_7491  I have been writing words in my planner.

Happy Snapping!

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