Photography Challenge: Week 35

I feel as though my life is building slowly, slowly up, to break out into craziness. It happens so gradually that it is only in a still moment that I blink and realize what is happening to me.

Here are the photos from last week. If you are reading this (Photographer or no photographer) consider joining me and Amy, Bethany, Amalia, Chef William, and Alice; it’s never too late!

IMG_4296  For me, pens never grow old. The excitement of new acquisitions always fades, but my joy for pens does not. They always bring me such joy. This is a marvelous brand; I especially enjoy the triplus fineliner because the handle is so long.

IMG_4300 I have been finding various things that I have treasured but never used. I have taken pictures of them so I won’t forget them. My sister made this for me a long while ago.

IMG_4361  This is another picture that allowed me to part with something. My mom let me keep a mock trial timeline some friends and I made. I kept finding it in the depths of my closet, still rolled up, still gathering dust.

IMG_7341  Mama, Hannah, and I went to a writing class lead by Andrew Pudewa. It inspired me so much; he is such an extremely smart man, and very witty, too.

After reading Leanne Cole’s  Monochrome Madness for a long while, I finally decided to try out that setting on my camera, and this is one of my tries in it.

IMG_4317.JPG  Once in a great while we find carrots someplace, somehow, that taste really fresh. I can’t wait for carrots from our garden!

IMG_7436  Do I really need to eat that left over Easter candy? Debatable.

IMG_7397  There is nothing quite so pretty as paper, especially paper with ink on it.

Happy Snapping!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Bethany says:

    Ooh! That writing class sounds like a lot of fun!!


    1. Sarah says:

      Oh it was. I learned so much.


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