Photography Challenge! Week 32

Well, well, well so much for words! So much for saying things; it’s much different than actually doing them. I have lots of memories of taking pictures these past weeks, of thinking, “Oooh, this will make a good picture for a Saturday post.”. But since things apparently happen….this is my renewing post for the past weeks. Enjoy, and don’t forget that Amy, Bethany, Amalia, Chef William, and Alice also are taking this challenge to themselves. Here we go!

First, I’d like to share some pictures from last week.

I found this book in the depths of our basement, and I thought it was lovely. A very sweet book with cheerful pictures.

We’ve had lots of strawberries the past few weeks. Not from our garden but they were still tasty.

IMG_3804  A friend left this horse toy at our house and I spent time with him. Isn’t it kind of cute? It’s a nice thing to look up to during schoolwork with that grin on his face. Also, he’s sitting on my newest Blogging For Books title.

Here is this week’s.

IMG_3879  I read Hamlet; this is an exceptional copy with the play on one side and translations to the old English on the other.

IMG_3883  The joys of math!


Apricot blossoms that my Dad brought inside for me.


The sky was especially beautiful one evening before a storm rolled in. I ran around the house and outside trying to find the best ones.

IMG_4016 Kefir, strawberry kefir.

IMG_4073  Tessa and Hannah went to a formal, and my job was hair and pictures.

Happy Snapping!

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