365 Challenge: Week 29

What a delicious week, so warm and sun-filled. Those snow-grey skies do get long after a while; bright blue skies with white, well-shaped clouds, I’ve missed those days. It’s such a cheerful feeling to wake up earlier than usual, get on a large floppy hat, and go outside for a walk. I caught a second wind for photography this week, and so I’m excited to get started again. As a reminder, Amy, Bethany, Amalia, Chef William, and Alice are also taking photos; don’t forget to check theirs out.

IMG_2976 Pizza sauce with lots and lots of basil.

IMG_3034.JPG Breakfast couldn’t get better.


IMG_3152 70% dark chocolate next to an 90% dark chocolate. It’s interesting that next to the  90% the 70 % looks like milk chocolate.

IMG_3110 *sigh*

IMG_3420 I wonder why reflections are so captivating? Perhaps because it’s like looking into a different world.


Below the trees is a lovely place to be.

Happy Snapping!



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