365 Photography Challenge: Week 28

These are dreary weeks, waiting, just hovering over the point of summer. Everyday I wake up itching to run barefoot in fresh green grass, but only a glance outside puts all those sweet dreams down…hard. The snow it not bright, fresh, wet clumps anymore, building in white clouds and whooshing about the yard. There’s bitter wind blowing all the time, and the snow is half melted, displaying faded grasses, stuck close to the ground in disheveled tatters like the remnants of a forgotten time.

SC2SD 150
Ahh, those warm, golden days…..

Hello dear, sweet reader, are you suffering from spring fever, too? Is staying inside getting harder and harder? Every year about this time I think, “This summer I’ll stay outside almost all day! One day maybe I’ll go out at sunrise and only come in at sunset….” It never happens this way, unfortunately. First of all, I’ve long since found the myth that summer is a time when one is not busy. I never remember having a summer that was carefree every single day; that makes me sad but there it is. But, I have found that when I could be outside I am often not. So this summer get out there in the sunshine! Soak in that spicy spring air while it’s there!

But pictures, yes…pictures. I’m really proud of Amalia for catching up on weeks (1, 2, 3, and 4!)-that really takes a lot! I am going to catch up on the last weeks I missed with some of my favorite pictures, and then I’ll post this week’s at the end. So here are a few.

February, 2016 336

It’s not hard to get a good picture of this girl.

Here are a few pictures from the melodrama.

February, 2016 687

How I love polka dots, and little pretty things.

My niece has the cutest cheeks.

We went to a basketball game. This is the place where I find I can take hundreds of pictures and only get two good ones. (So fun to watch you play, Paityn.)

Drawing is so much fun, and Aiden is such a photogenic kid.

February, 2016 1120 These were near a road, bale minions! (Here you go Billy.)


Here are this week’s pictures. Also, don’t forget to follow Amy, Bethany, Amalia, Chef William, and Alice’s photography posts.

February, 2016 1135

These are some of the best hens we’ve ever had. They sit on our shoulders, follow us around…

IMG_2803Some of my favorite books.

IMG_2820Spoiled, spoiled, spoiled….

IMG_2876 On the right there is my pocket dictionary; I use it every day.

IMG_2920 Scones and an apple.

IMG_2842 Of course, yes, the ideal toothing object, a flashlight.


‘Oooh, a camera, can I chew on it?’


Happy Snapping!







2 Comments Add yours

  1. amaliacharis says:

    Oh Sarah, is it warm there? It was warm here. . . until we came. The day we came, they got snow! And it’s been cold all week. Today’s the worst: 9 is the high! But I don’t mind, really. Too much to do inside. Love you!


    1. Sarah says:

      No. It’s pretty cold here; not the sort of day that I want to go out and walk in, especially barefoot. It’s supposed to hit 60 sometime in the near future, and then go back downhill from there. Ahh, I’m sure you don’t mind! With princess Anya to play with. 😉 Love you too!


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