365 Photography Challenge, Week 22

This week things have finally calmed down. I have had time to just write for a while or read some Edgar Allan Poe. It has been quite wonderful. Drinking tea, trying on new Christmas socks, taking pictures (cough, cough…), and listening to JJ Heller. This is what I always expect break to be but it never is. I want it to be getting into a good schedule, staying busy at home, having time with family. It doesn’t often happen that way.

But anywhoo, I do actually have pictures to show you, and here they are.

January, 2016 009January, 2016 012January, 2016 011January, 2016 017 Our family Christmas; it was filled you joy. We had Italian food for lunch, and it could not have been better.

This is one of my favorite candies. Every time I see them I think of Edmund from the Chronicles of Narnia, eating Turkish delight. Thanks Grandpa!

January, 2016 044 We made our own granola this week and used it for cereal.

January, 2016 045 We received this plant on Christmas day, and it does look like it should arrive on a holiday, doesn’t it?

January, 2016 047 And he looked up, with round brown eyes that matched the floor…

January, 2016 048

I really like this pile of stuff, well enough to take a picture of it.

January, 2016 052 A little flourish on my hand.

Don’t forget to check up on the pictures Amy, Bethany, Amalia, Chef William, and Alice are taking this week.

Happy Snapping!



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