365 Photography Challenge: Week Seventeen

November, 2015 011

We had soup every day for about two and a half weeks. I`m not going to complain, because we can`t find better soup any where around, but I was glad to see spaghetti on Monday.

November, 2015 022


The beginnings of scrambled toast. The best is when there is lots and lots of cinnamon. November, 2015 005 I feel like this is the kind of watermelon one should sing to! They look like a chorus, the chorus of watermelon.November, 2015 041 Just look at all that ice. Sleet hit the window so hard and long, all we could see was vague sorts of shapes. It leaves a lot of room for imagining. If I had never seen the real view, I wonder what my perspective of it would be.

We had our annual donut making day (I talked a lot about it here.). We made only six donuts for the next days breakfast, the rest we made into holes (Though I`m not sure why they`re called that. Holes are empty space.) and dogs (That`s a bit odd too, but, hey, they do look a bit like dogs, if you look at them in the right lighting…) Those are really the best part perhaps because they`re so easy to just pop into your mouth.November, 2015 045 My sis makes marvelous Boston Cream Pie. This was soundly good. November, 2015 048 Lily has the sweetest toes; she can get away with putting her feet on the table.

Did you enjoy looking at a week’s worth of photos? I`m not the only one in this daily challenge, Amy, Bethany, Amalia, and Chef William are too. We`re also have  another photographer busy taking pictures, Alice.

Happy Snapping!

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