Week Sixteen- 365 Photography Challenge


I was told the other day that this age will be the time we have the least amount of pictures from. This didn’t makes sense to me; I mean, I see so many people everywhere taking pictures– on their phones, point and shoots, you name it. We see pictures everywhere. The problem is not that we don`t take enough photos but that we don`t print hardly any. And so, when the way of keeping photos and looking at photos change someday our photos we are taking now will be gone, because we`ll have no way to get to them. This person I was talking to said that now she prints photos every month for this very reason. There is also something delicious about printing out your own photos as well; it feels more like the real thing. The other day I dragged out the pictures from my mom’s childhood. They were not top notch quality but it didn’t matter. It was history; it was the in between moments, not just the perfect smile picture. I saw pictures of my grandmother, whom I never met, with her bright red lipstick and huge rimmed glasses, laughing. I saw my mother as an adorable little girl with friends I know even today. I saw myself and my sister leaning over the dock at the lake, so young and innocent, like we were out of some painting. I would have lost all of that if no one had bothered to print them.

Here are the pictures from this week.

November, 2015 2429

We received three chickens from our neighbors this week. They are so tame and peeped through the hole in their box at me.

November, 2015 2455

I like my family a lot.

November, 2015 2464

We bought some perfect little apples. They were so rosy red.

November, 2015 2478

We made pretzels, oh yum. This is the most fabulous recipe; they are chewy and soft.

November, 2015 2499

We have eaten a lot of chili this week. And together with my new shirt, it had to be in a picture.

November, 2015 2546

I was digging through our dress up and found these glasses. They were my grandmothers;  later my mom wore them in a school play; then they retired to our play box.November, 2015 2722

This is my new sweet niece. Isn`t she beautiful?


Happy Snapping!

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