Photography Challenge: Week Fifteen?

Is it really week fifteen? What a great many days that is…..I have taken too many pictures of food again this week. It is such a pleasant thing to take pictures and admire your food before you eat it; I think it tastes extra good that way. Here are the week of pictures.
IMG_0210 We played the game Aggravation a lot this week. The marbles are such pretty looking drops of color.

IMG_0239 My mother`s birthday treat. We only make these for special occasions, so it`s pretty exciting to have some scotcheroos. IMG_0258With the cold weather coming on, warm meals are the best thing one can have. Before you have a meal, try taking a walk out in the chill air; it makes the food taste even better.IMG_0276 Soup…yum.IMG_0294 We planted cilantro several years ago and now it grows back every year. I appreciate the plants you can tell were there when you mow over them; cilantro is so strong, one can smell it easily. This is a picture that reminds me to be thankful for our table. It has these nasty cracks that are disgusting, but it is really so pretty. And I can be thankful for that.IMG_0281Lovely Autumn leaves.

Don`t forget to go to Amy, Bethany, Amalia, and Chef William.

Happy Snapping!

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  1. amaliacharis says:

    Lovely, dear! And don’t worry; you can never have too many pictures of food! 😉


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