Photography challenge: Week Fourteen

What beautiful weather we are having! It has felt so fallishly delicious outside. As long as things are going around at our house there will be things to take pictures of; therefore, pictures certainly will be taken. Check out Amy, Bethany, Amalia, and Chef William`s photos by clicking on the links. Here are this week’s.
IMG_0004 I spoke here of my flower garden. I had so much faith in the little plants, but I`m sorry to say that there was a total of six flowers. It made the ones that actually bloomed extra special. These are the two zinnias, all faded and crumpled.

IMG_0043 Grandma Elna made caramel apples at Halloween. They`re the perfect sort of holiday treat, don`t you think? They are so pretty.

IMG_0045IMG_0050Lots of lemon juice, water, and stevia make a very delightful sugar-free lemonade. IMG_9992 Here is a sprig of oregano from my herb garden. It has that elegant sprawl to it. I love things that crawl across the ground and look so luscious. IMG_0106 Lasagna. Mmmm….IMG_0113 How many more colors could be on one leaf? We are so blessed.IMG_0120 A warm treat.

Happy Snapping!

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  1. Amy says:

    I’ve been taking lots of autumn pictures, too, Sarah. I know that soon the world will be all gray and white! So I’m enjoying the last gasps of brilliance for all that they are worth! I love that picture of the faded zinnia. It’s shabby-chic! And sweetie, I loved your post on making decisions–that quote, my, how powerful!–but your comments seem to be turned off on that post. Is that intentional? I thought you might want to know. ❤ love you!


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