365 Photography Challenge: Popsicles and Dim lights

I have discovered a lot of new things this week, and I`m excited to share them with you. The more and more I take pictures, the more I realize how many pictures I take of food. Food is so bright and beautiful, and easy to snap a photo of before properly digging in. Now, whenever I look back on pictures, my mouth waters at the delicious memories….enjoy.
IMG_9349IMG_9351 I made creamy popsicles this week. Mmmm, these are blue-berry. I found that the more times I ate them the more tasty they became. It`s so wonderful to find a sweet, bright treat that is not filled with dyes!IMG_9369 These are my new favorite shoes; you may be surprised how many things go with blue. IMG_9387 Here is the treat again, completely frozen and prepared to be eaten.IMG_9415 These Avocados are all lined up to be made into guacamole.IMG_9445IMG_9454 This week Amy challenged us to take pictures in dark or dim lighting. I went outside once to play with settings when it was dark, and then I shirked it. I did gain a deeper understanding of my camera; I had never even heard of the ISO settings. I also discovered some things with dark blurry lights in the distance. (The top image.) I would like to discover whether I could shape letters by moving the camera right as I took the shot. I  definitely know some things to work on.IMG_9600 We made chicken pot pie the other day and I was captivated by the little bird we placed in the center to  act as a vent.  It gave the pies such a unique look.IMG_9807 We have homemade pizza on Friday nights and my mom eats a kale pizza. I want her to know how proud I am of her for putting it together every Friday, while working to take out sugar. I`m so thankful you cook for us. Mama.

Amy, Chef William, Bethany, and Amalia would love for you to take a peek at their photos for the week; you better take a look.

Happy Snapping!

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