Dreams and Creatures Under My Bed


I recalled the monster under my bed today. I remembered whipping the covers about me and hiding under them so they could not grab my feet and pull me away. Every child seems to have different creatures living in the dark space between their bed and their floor; mine were called Heffalumps and Woozles. They first originated from Winnie the Pooh, the funny creatures that tried to steal Pooh’s honey, hiding under his bed and creeping out into his wildest dreams.

This is something of what they looked in my thoughts....
This is something of what they looked in my thoughts….

I can imagine the memory clearly, that terrifying fear that some quick fuzzy hand would grab an innocent hand or vulnerable toe. I remember thinking the Heffalumps and Woozles would never go away, but one day they swept away out of their black holes, perhaps driven out by the piles of toys shoved conveniently there or the dust bunny growing a bit too unnervingly large or, you know, perhaps I grew up.

I`ve had some interesting dreams too, most people have. Dreams are like wisps of different lives; they are so real, and though I have imagined many things I can never create such a scene as a dream can. I have heard it said that you do not remember most of your dreams, that only the ones you have right before you awaken are the ones you remember. I wonder what I have dreamed that I do not remember. Isn`t it splendid to think of what you may dream of? And can we learn things through dreams that we will never clearly remember? Perhaps angels lean over us while we sleep and whisper sweet things to us…. it is an endless possibility, and perhaps you find it pointless to think of, but I don`t.

I also remember a dream that I found very funny.

‘Sarah, Sarah!’ Dad pulled me aside secretively. “There is an assortment of juices downstairs in the basement, if you`d care to have some.”

That is all I remember from it. I told my dad and then within the next week he told me to go to the refrigerator and see what was there.Sarah`s blog pictures 310Sarah`s blog pictures 301

These are mini bottles of juices!
These are mini bottles of juices!

It`s so pleasant to look back on memories and to find pictures about them. What strange dreams have you encountered? I`d love to hear about them. Now looking back on those creatures under my bed and the dreams I`ve dreamt, I almost have a slight wish to have them back even after I have wished them away! But then again, I am very fond of my dear dust bunny.

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