365 Photography Challenge: Week Eleven

I have been thinking this week about Aunt Amy`s post, where she writes about looking at what she has instead of just musing on precious times gone by. And I wrote a poem about it.

Faded Sunshine

It is high in the month of October,

The sunshine is glowing so bright.

But though tis shining outside,

I do not feel a spark of its light.


Where hath the beauty now hidden?

Where is my happy sunshine?

Why am I lost in a shadow?

Where is the joy in these lines?


“Here!” whispers the wind’s blow.

“Yonder!” call the rolling hills.

“Look hither!” begs the dancing willow.

“This is where to drink your fill!”


But I did not care to listen,

For I was sure twas just in jest.

So, I looked at all I did not have

And simply lost the rest.

So this week after my challenge of writing out a word through pictures, I chose to create the word smile. PicMonkey Collage 14 Smile is such a jolly word. It seems as though it`s not applying to an expression but more an attitude. A smile in your heart, more like.

Here are this weeks group of photos. (Amy, Bethany, Amalia, and Chef William are in this challenge too; they are doing some fantastic art, so don`t forget to check out their work.)

IMG_9117 These are my nephews. Here they are in their AR Roofing sweatshirts. They don`t look very happy about pictures, do they?

IMG_9130 My mom made pancakes for my nephews. Alex likes to have his name written out in pancake letters, and my mother obliges him. I do believe she enjoys it too; you should have seen the robots she made earlier!


IMG_9180IMG_9173 Colorful tissue boxes and blurry Edgar Allen Poe poems. This is what I settled into for a few days this past week. I am so thankful tissue boxes aren’t black.


IMG_9204 There are many things to be thankful about with cold weather coming on. There are long sleeves and sweaters, scorching tea, and cozy houses; the best addition is soup. There is something utterly satisfying in sitting down to a huge bowl of piping soup; it makes you want to curl up around your bowl to breath in its warmth.


IMG_9213 Buttons are such pretty things.


Black and white muck Our church had a clothing exchange this weekend and, of all things, I found a checkerboard shirt.



IMG_9275 She is endlessly fun to take pictures of.

Happy Snapping!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Amy says:

    What beautiful photos, my lovely niecie! And I’m so glad that you chose to share that poem with the world! I just love it, especially the last stanza. It so adequately condenses my long wordy prose into the pure meaning: be thankful for what you have. You are such an insightful young lady. And that blouse, by the way….. It’s so CUTE! 🙂


  2. Bethany says:

    Aw, I love how you used that potato in your nature pics! Well done! Thanks for the great challenge. 🙂


    1. Sarah says:

      All through digging sweet potatoes my mom and I kept our eyes peeled for an ‘S’ shape. We finally found one. 🙂


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