Photography Challenge: Week Ten and Still Going

A photo every day for ten weeks; we`re doing well folks. Last week Amalia said in our additional challenge to do a day in the life post, where we take photos of everything we did that day and then post them in a separate post. She also challenged me to come up with the next challenge for the group. These challenges are not simple to come up with! Bethany`s was so well thought-out and Amalia`s was so unique, it was hard, but I did come up with one.PicMonkey Collage 3

This is my example. Find a word that you really like, it could be your last name or some other word, and look for letters in the world around you. I think it will stretch us to think creatively and study things with a completely new point of view. The only exception from my photo above is that you cannot build your own words like I did the ‘L’, Just look at things around you and find them there.

Now to this weeks pictures…..IMG_8876 I don`t just love cats, but I adore my cat Amigail.

IMG_8917 This stir-fry was marvelous; it is so colorful.IMG_9046 Washing dishes would not be the same if it weren`t for lemon-thyme scented bubbles, and some good music.IMG_8994 I have taken a lot of cat pictures this week. Flopsie is in the habit of sleeping with her tongue hanging out.IMG_9091 My mouth is watering…boiled potatoes drowned in butter and spiced up with some herbs.IMG_8961 Hannah made cinnamon rolls with a new, quicker recipe. We ate a lot of great food this week!IMG_9116 Some family came down for the weekend and they brought their hermit crab with them. I could stare at him for hours just crawling across the table.

Don`t forget to check out our other picture takers!

-Amy from Vomiting Chicken

-Bethany from Dandelion Pie

-Amalia from Second Breakfast

– Chef William

Happy Snapping!

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Bethany says:

    I am so excited for the challenge this week, Sarah! What an imaginative idea! I probably won’t do my last name, because it would be pretty long. 😉 But I will be on the lookout for words in nature! That picture of the hermit crab is too cute. What a fun little pet.


  2. Amy says:

    Sarah, now that is really a creative challenge! I’m going to be looking at the world with different eyes this week, as I watch for certain letters. I love your photos, by the way. My mouth is watering at that potato picture! Who knew a potato could be so intriguing?


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