A Day In the Life

Most of you have heard of the 365 Photography Challenge, but have you heard about the added on challenges that Bethany started? (You can see that here.) We have been doing even more to further our knowledge in photography. I have found it all wonderful; I`ve been scheming up my own challenge for the week to come. But this week Amalia challenged Amy, Bethany, and me to post a day in photography. To take photos all day long of everything and then write a separate post about it. We`ve been so busy this week, with school and whatnot, I have forgotten to get my post done. So, here I am today. IMG_8596Some days my dad will get up early and fry us potatoes for breakfast. Today was one of these days. Only this year I have discovered the potential snack of peanut butter and honey toast with milk; I don`t usually like peanut butter but the milk is what makes it taste so good. It seems common place enough, I do not know why I have not discovered it sooner!

IMG_8604 A friend gave this to me and it has been one of my favorites ever since. And isn’t it wonderful that it is finally getting cold enough to wear gloves? This is on our way to church on Sunday….IMG_8610 We went to a birthday party after church and this was part of the meal.IMG_8612 This is the delicious salad we brought.IMG_8619IMG_8647IMG_8648 This little girl has had so many pictures taken of her, she never even flinches when the shutter goes off.IMG_8657 I thought these were such pretty teacups, all hanging there together.IMG_8685IMG_8694IMG_8705 The cake…hannah and lilpicmonkey 8 Her green eyes are almost startling; they look like cracked green glow sticks.IMG_8674 It was a delight to watch Emma read. IMG_8731IMG_8679IMG_8765IMG_8806IMG_8790IMG_8784 When we came home I ventured outside; it was such a perfect evening. It was not too cold and not too warm. Our daisies are not quite all wilted yet.IMG_8830And still, the apple activity continues at our house.

It is interesting to see into other people`s lives, to see how they think through pictures. How does it feel to be a fly on my wall for the day?

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