365 Photography Challenge: Week Nine!

Every Saturday I remember the challenge; then I look back on the photos from the week and I am blessed to remember what I was up to all week. I forget so quickly what I was doing, thinking about. This is not only about taking pictures; it`s about recording our lives. One day we`ll look back on the photos we`re taking now and smile; perhaps we will be impressed at how much we have improved, or simply recall the sweet memories that have been so long forgotten.

Not only will I enjoy my memories this week, but you can too! Here are the photos I`ve taken this week.

IMG_8264My mom has been making a lot of applesauce. Homemade applesauce is always better than the store’s. Once it is in the store it loses the sweet tang of the apple, the fresh flavor, and just generally tastes ‘storish’.

IMG_8299I think cat feet are lovely. They are so silky and dainty. This cat`s name is Oliver. He is so good at taking pictures too; he`s seen a younger day and is slower than most cats, except, of course, when he`s not.

IMG_8320IMG_8437Essential oil peppermint and kefir smoothie; the kefir is strawberry, cherry, and banana flavored. We took it to our Wednesday Night Supper Club. Yum!

IMG_8342IMG_8353The eclipse was beautiful. I don`t have the right lens for it so it is rather skimpy on what the eclipse really looked like, but it`s still pretty, isn`t it?

IMG_8477I have been dreaming of Chicken soup for a long time….

IMG_8512These birds flew past us. I have such beautiful memories of waking up in the morning to the sound of a million birds soaring over our house. Our front door would be open and the whole family would sit and watch them; that`s better than TV any day.

IMG_8528I need your opinion on this; do you think graph paper is better to write on than normal paper? I heard from my dear cousin that she loved writing on it better than any other paper, so, I tried it. I am inclined to agree with her. I can`t interpret what it is, perhaps that it is thinner than normal paper, or the lines are smaller, or the page is larger, or maybe the feeling that it`s not normal.

Don`t forget to check out Amy`s, Bethany`s and Amalia`s pictures. And, I am glad to say that the challenge has reached a blogger in Mexico; Chef William has some very interesting things to show us.

Happy Snapping!

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  1. Amy says:

    Sarah, I agree with you about the journaling aspect of this challenge. I really enjoy looking through the week’s photos at the end of the week. So far I’ve never had enough photos to choose from! Oh, you are a lucky girly: homemade applesauce, kefir AND homemade noodles, all in one week! And do you know that your Oliver’s feet look much like our Lolo’s! And you know I love your eclipse photos even though you “didn’t have the right lens.” They still capture that magical night very well!


    1. Sarah says:

      I know! I am spoiled. 🙂 I loved your sweet kitten Lolo; I remember my mom sitting with her during guitar, she just curled up around her. She didn’t bite her or claw her, just snuggled with her. Thank you; I think it did. I find it interesting that we all took pictures of the eclipse but they`re all a little bit different. It makes it all unique, doesn’t it?


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