Blessed UR: The Challenges

Recently I told a friend that I was very restless during school; I felt like everything was going painfully slow. She responded by challenging me to run four times around our house before each subject. It was such good advice. Even if it suddenly reminded me how big our house really was, it was good. I love it when friends challenge me to do better, holding me accountable, and telling me the truth about things.

I told her I had appreciated it and she responded (by e-mail) with a complete plan of how we could have challenges everyday. It was so thoroughly planned (Even down to what we should put in the subject box.)! So, a group of us have started challenging each other every day. It has been so good. It has been so many blessings, so many times. Find people in your life that you know will keep you accountable. If you need to, start your own little group of challenges every day, or even every week. I have been challenged to do so many things this month, from thanking someone to talking in an accent for twenty minutes. It has not only been fun but it has made me think out of the box. It has challenged me to think outside myself, and notice things that could otherwise completely escape me. Sometimes the best thing to do is hard, and it`s so easy to slip out of doing it. We need people to kindly be there for us, to quietly support us, and to challenge us, even when we don`t want it.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Laura Lou says:

    I love you and our “challenge” b girl group. we all fit so perfectly together and I love hearing about you girls’ day.


    1. Sarah says:

      Thanks Laura,; you`re a gem.


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