Monday`s Musings

I love thinking. That may perhaps seem like a very casual statement but indeed it is not; I have thought a lot about thinking. Isn`t it scrumptious that we can think about things? We can think thoughts and have the choice of sharing our thoughts, or not sharing our thoughts. We`re not just stuck thinking down-to-the-point thoughts; we can think things varying from a schedule to how the cottonwood trees wave at you in the wind. That is beautiful. I have been thinking  many things lately. They may best be described as ‘musings’.

Emotions have actual physical feelings with them. If you think about it when you are filled with joy your heart leaps. When your heart feels broken you can feel a pain pressing in your chest. When you feel unsettled your heart almost burns. It`s almost as though all emotions are just illusions of emotions. I don`t exactly believe this but it certainly is interesting.

Gravel roads are so fascinating! I have been walking with my cousin on a gravel road and there is so much to look at. Have you noticed that every little rock in the gravel has a shadow? What would it look like if they had no shadows; they would certainly not look half so delicate. It will be a great feat to the person who challenges themselves to  draw a gravel road; it appeared too simple, but it really isn`t, is it?

While preparing a few tomatoes for canning, I picked one up and found black vicious bugs crawling on it. I have seen these before-they are the kind of bugs that you squish and they crumble as though they were made of a limp of dirt. They don`t look very nice on tomatoes. My mom told me they were some sort of beetle that likes fruit, which really disappoints me. Fruit bugs should not be black dots, instead they should be, say, light creatures with long legs, wearing purple and fuzzy pants. So perhaps we should rename the black pests, any ideas?

I have been reading a book about the Wright brothers. They were such interesting brothers, both quiet and thoughtful, and extremely smart at creating things. Orville made a press machine and had his own newspaper. Then, when bicycles became popular, both brothers bought one. Their personalities were so different, while Wilber enjoyed long rides in the country, Orville preferred short rides and racing. Their interest in bicycles led them to open a shop where they made bicycles, making the parts themselves. All this prepared them to finally create an airplane together. And when Wilber was asked to speak at a dinner he said, “I know of only one bird, the parrot, that can talk, and it can`t fly very high.” I would definitely suggest looking into them; they were a fascinating pair, worth the notice.

What do you think about thinking?

2 Comments Add yours

  1. boyd says:

    I can just see you and me drawing a gravel road together. I would draw a small part , then it would be your turn, then my turn , then your turn. It could be a very long road, with many different musings in it.


    1. Sarah says:

      It is Tuesday today, if you understand what I mean. Maybe it will be an art lesson today? 😉


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