365 Photography Challenge: Week Seven

Week one, week two, week three, and week four sound relatively small, but then we have week five, week six, and now even week seven. It starts sounding impressive. Good job, everyone who is taking the challenge to take photos everyday for a whole year. (It`s not too late to join if you want to.) We are still at it! I, for one, when I was trapped a few days with no SD card, had to search through and delete the ‘practice photos’ (In other words, ones I took before the good one.). I could not just say, “Well, I can wait a few days.” I actually really felt the urging to take pictures, so I found a way. And thus, here I am with this weeks pics. (We are not alone in this challenge, readers! Amy at VomitingChicken, Bethany from DandelionPie, and Amalia from SecondBreakfast, have been snapping too.)

IMG_7617The bees have been so busy. It is so exciting to watch a dozen of them swarm around one plant; they look so happy, don`t they, almost like they`re smiling!


I found the duck tape very captivating on this box. What a lively advertisement.IMG_7725We get to eat things like this all the time. My mouth is watering.IMG_7666My sister`s diagram for her paper she is writing for school. Things on paper can be pretty so easily; it is wonderful.IMG_7690IMG_7694There was hail this week. It was beautiful and awful at the same time. Our cat, Flopsy, was quite terrified, and our sweet potatoes look a little pitiful.IMG_7698Do lacy things attract your attention? They do me; little details do. Lace is very elegant, which I love.IMG_7780My favorite pajamas, and an exceptionally excellent pencil.

Happy Snapping!

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  1. Amy says:

    Oh sweetie, I just love your photos. They always give me a glimpse into your heart, which is a beautiful thing, indeed. I am really enjoying walking this path with you. Vive Le 365 Day Photography Challenge! We were there that morning that the hail fell. It was scary! All of your photos are very good, but the first one–the bees in the sedum–made me gasp. Truly. It’s just beautiful! Well done, Sarah!


    1. Sarah says:

      Thank you Aunt Amy. Your comments are always a great joy to me. 🙂 It has been wonderful to join up with other photographers, isn`t it fun to see how our worlds come together? I have seen Wednesday Night Supper Club show up several times. Oh dear! That`s not good; you were there with the hail? That is scary. It really did come down. My mom took a box and had to run outside to pull in the Flex. I knew you would like that picture; I thought of you when I put it on. Thanks for the compliments!


  2. Bethany says:

    These are all SO good! I, also, love the bee pic! I didn’t realize we got hail that large. I heard it coming down, but I must have been in class when they were melting. Great pictures, Sarah girl!


    1. Sarah says:

      Thanks Bethany! I have been thinking up ways to fulfill your challenge for this week. It has been great fun. 🙂


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