Blessed U R: The Great Ponca West Adventure

When my life gets busy, I find so many subjects to take pictures of. As I have mentioned in a past post, we recently went on a family trip, which provided the perfect occasion to snap away with my camera.

Down my the river this little lady posed for me so nicely.
Down by the river, this little lady posed for me so nicely.
I was not the only one taking photos!

It is quite an entertaining past time, even if I do take too many. I worry sometimes if I take too many; does it become annoying to have someone constantly looking through a lens at you? I don`t know, but such is the way of a photographer, I suppose. I do think there is such thing as taking too many. For example, if I find something absolutely gorgeous I like to take pictures of it, but also I need to find the line between capturing the moment in a picture and just enjoying the moment. Sometimes I find myself relieved not to have my camera because I am forced to just look with my eyes and appreciate the moment for what it is.IMG_7444 It is such a blessing to have a family, to have a group of people that have watched you grow up and love you; it really is such a comfort. And, many of these people I had not seen in a long while so the conversation was never dull, though it certainly never would be anyway.IMG_7543

The Young Family food is the most famous part of this. See for yourself.IMG_7404IMG_7537IMG_7357 There was a huge, beautiful bridge that we stopped at; it was amazing.IMG_7508

That is high up!
That is high up!
Teehee… we waded in the water under the bridge.

Now that we are home it`s hard to get back into our real lives-it just doesn`t feel the same. Life feels rather…. normal now. But it`s so lovely to have memories, memories that can be looked back on and treasured. Though memories can be painful, I am in full conviction that they`re worth it for the good memories. They are worth it for the things you learn after the fact, the things that look even more beautiful in a different light.

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