It Snowed Yesterday!

I was about to set outside to go walk last evening, when I saw it. Little white fluffs floating about the sky like snow. They were so pretty, so dream-like, lovely. Then I realized it wasn’t fluff; it was bugs. I had heard about what we called Flu Flus before. A friend had told me how she had seen some at camp and how adorable they were! Readers, these insects were cute. I caught one and it sat in my hand for a few moments blinking at me like a little baby mouse; it twitched it’s antenna at me and then flew away. I was so excited I got my camera to take pictures of the miniature flying mice, telling my mom that we had hundreds and hundreds of Flu Flus outside; just breezing on through!

I must get that macro lens soon!

My mom wasn’t so easily stolen away. Why were they here, at our house, and had she heard of them before? Yes, she had. Their real name is Wooly Aphids. These adorable bugs, these tiny flying things, feed on apple trees and such. They were very much taken with our apple trees. I will tell you, these creatures were no longer cute, they were sinister, apple tree-killers out to get my trees. Now they were terrifying! How can such an evil bug be so adorable? They had suddenly added evil brows to their smiling faces. Some things can seem so good and beautiful, then when you realize they are bad,  they are not just bad but evil, because they have been tricking you. They told me they were cute, but now, now they are no longer cute .

I love my apple trees. I must say the rest of the day I did not let any land on my hand; I dare say I rather snatched them out of the air or swiped them away. But now I see even more clearly how bad things can still be pretty, can’t they? And I certainly hope it does not snow today.

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  1. Diane Freitas says:

    We noticed them recently as well. Daniel researched they are fond of Birch trees. We don’t have any Birch trees but our property has many trees of other varieties. We are keeping are eyes on these “wooly” annoying pests (thanks Anne D for phraseology).


    1. Sarah says:

      Oh, you have them as well? We`ll have to fight this war together! 😉


  2. boyd says:

    How true that evil can easily be cloaked in a pretty shell, waiting for the next victim to arrive.


    1. Sarah says:

      Thanks, Daddy. 🙂


  3. Amy says:

    How is it that I’ve never seen nor even heard of this little adorable monsters?? Now, thanks to you, dear author, I’ll be on the lookout for them near our apple trees!


    1. Sarah says:

      I hadn`t until very lately. If they fly through every year I`m curious to how I have missed them every time.


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