365 Photo Challenge: Week Four

Week four already! Taking pictures everyday has gotten a tad bit harder. But I`m still learning a bunch. You can see the introductory post here. Also don`t forget Amy, Bethany, and Amalia, who are busy taking pictures too.  It is so much fun to not only be taking pictures, but every Saturday to be able to look at someone else’s works too.

IMG_6172This is my favorite tree to be under. It hovers over me and gives lots of shade.

IMG_6184My thumb.IMG_6300Lily has her eyes open a lot more now. She is so beautiful!IMG_6310Teehee…this is just one of the many funny tomatoes at our house.IMG_6191

IMG_6193Her new album is out! She has such beautiful music.

IMG_6264Our chickens get so excited when we give them treats like this. This one on the right dunked her head right in every time she took a bite.

Happy snapping!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Timothy says:

    Ha. That hen has her head on straight. 🙂


    1. Sarah says:

      🙂 I quite agree! She certainly knew what she wanted.


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