When The Wind Blew

It is raining outside. I watched it come in. The point where I stood, with one side of the sky black and the other bright blue. I had just watered my herb garden; that was before I saw the Black Force coming in…..


I ran down to the old oak tree near the road and stood under its shade. It was a day for roasting marshmallows on the sidewalk. I watched, in awe, as the breathtaking Black drove towards me, when suddenly the wind howled about me. A branch whipped my face as it swung past me. Everything was dark. The wind shrieked and pulled me along with the trees. It raged. The water, spraying from a pivot in a nearby field, stung my face.


I felt an urge to run to the house, for the tempest was so sudden it was terrifying. The sweat, before dripping down my brow, now dried against my skin from the cold wind flushing through. I stepped forward one step and met a wall of sudden cold air. Twice I almost left, but I was pinned. I was transfixed there, gazing about in this hurricane. Lightning flashed. Thunder rolled. Black claimed the sky.

The rain is slashing on the windows. The hail is rattling against the shingles. I watched this storm come in. I had seen it. Now I had no choice except to watch the hail rip through the flowers outside, stripping the dainty lilies of their petals, and also to ponder how I had just that day, for once, watered my herb garden.



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Anne Dovel says:

    Very nice. 🙂 You are braver than me! I would have run into the house, instead of out to the tree! 🙂


    1. Sarah says:

      Oh, you never know, maybe next to your lovely barn house you would catch a spirit of bravery. You would have lots of room to chase the wind. I can just imagine you. 😉


  2. boyd says:

    I can not see Anne running from very much, but a fast walk yes. I would have been watching it from inside the house, with a flashlight.


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