Outside Our Thoughts

DSCN0269Sometimes heaven scares me. Not because I doubt it will be wonderful but because it is unknown. We love hanging on to this world.

Have you ever heard the thought, “Is your blue the same as my blue?” We`d never know if your blue is not really what I would consider to be orange. There is no way to prove either way. Your blue may even be a color I have never seen before.Have you ever tried to imagine another color of the rainbow? I have. It is impossible. You can mix some colors and give it a new name but still you`ll find that your ‘conge’ color you invented is really a mixture of green, yellow, and pink. Or if you try and make a new language you can`t make your mouth form a completely new noise? Or you can`t make an imaginary creature that doesn’t have the parts and pieces of something already created? I know they are there somewhere, it`s just beyond my imagination to think of it. And how could that just happen? How could we be on this earth living, breathing and thriving without a creator that is there and living in us every day of our lives?

I am excited to go to heaven when I think that when I am there I may see the things I can`t imagine. Things beyond the power of thought. Things that are too complicated to figure. But yet they still stand. There. Beyond our imagination.

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