Better Understandings

DSCN0231What a lovely morning! I woke up to the crashing of thunder. Why do we call rainy days gloomy? Because they`re what? Grey? And often rainy? Because of terrible storms that may come? Or may not? That is what we are often afraid of. That is all because our definitions have been twisted. Wind turns into a crushing wall, rain into little beads of sharp cold and often hail. The grey is black and the terrible storms are always there, ready. Whatever happened to a whispering wind, a beautiful waterfall of rain from the sky? Or regal blacks and storms that give you a reason to cast our fears on the Lord? Is this so ugly?


Sometimes I find grey days dull and spiritless, but more often, exciting and gorgeous. Thunder is a fear I have had past years ago. Now it is one of the most majestic, humbling sounds that has rung through my ears.

I love discussion. I savor it. I enjoy hearing others’ points of view; we gain understanding from them. What do you think about rainy days? Perhaps you find them breathe-taking or maybe you don`t. I want to know why, what you love about it and why. Why you dread or dislike rain pattering on your roof. There are so  many points of view that are just waiting there to be heard. And then we may both gain a better understanding.

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  1. boyd says:

    I enjoy the rain. Life to the world of green plants, coolness to the air. My garden loves it as well. Rain water so much better for the crops than well water. Gods gift to us.

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    1. Sarah says:

      Thanks Dad. I agree to that most heartily! It gives me peace of mind to know that my herbs aren`t up in the orchard shriveling up because I didn`t water them.


  2. Amalia says:

    Ever since I moved downstairs to my now-room I’ve missed hearing the rain on the roof, and the smell of the rain coming in through open windows. . . of course, not having to jump up in the middle of the night to close said windows is nice, and so is actually having air conditioning-but I’ve realized that, since my brick wall is the back of the fireplace, I can hear the rain at night, when it’s quiet, bouncing off the metal chimney walls. It’s rather wonderful. 🙂

    I didn’t used to like rainy days, but ever since The Drought Year I’ve reveled in the rain. I love the cloudy, moodiness of the skies, and I love dancing around in the rain like a maniac. Sometimes I’m grumpy about it, or it makes me grumpy or something, but I just try to remember that I love it. 🙂

    Lovey article, dear girl!

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    1. Sarah says:

      That is just the sort of things one would dream up to happen, isn`t it? What a delightful discovery! The smell, that is something I have always adored. I read once in Charles Dicken`s ‘Little Dorrit’ the most delicious comparison. He talks about how the country rain brought out every fresh scent, but in the city it was a wretched addition to the gutters. It seemed a perfect way to describe it, though he put it much more eloquently. 😉
      I was thinking the other day about the difference between plain grey days and then rainy grey days. I believe grey days make me droopy and irritable and the rainy ones bring more of a brightness to life, would you say you would agree with that? Also , dancing in the rain is my favorite, especially singing the song ‘Singing In the Rain’ And letting the rain fall on your face.
      Thanks so much for your thoughts, Amalia!


      1. Amalia says:

        I agree with you, about the different grey days. Some days make everybody crabby, and others. . . others seem to be more of a blessing.


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