Finding Truth Among Lies

There are so many voices, so many choices, so many lies. And hidden somewhere amongst them is one truth. Everywhere I go there seems to be a wrong and a right. People who know the right thing and those who don`t, and then I often wonder if there is something we have missed and we`re the wrong ones. Maybe there is another option we haven`t even thought of. And then we find ourselves caught up in these things, measuring and poking at them and letting them rise up to be more than they should be. Yes, they are important. But then again we can let them rule us, tricking us to believe the only way to live is if we have perfection. If you don`t have the perfect ways, you don`t make it; you’re not saved or forgiven. Have you seen this before? Does it really make sense?

Our Bible class has been reading Galatians. Our teacher has been amazing and has gone into the history of the book, the background. The Galatians were being taught that if they did not follow the Jew`s way and do everything perfectly, they could not be saved or forgiven. Galatians is a very powerful book. Go read it. It`s beautiful and full of depth. Paul writes to the Galatians, reminding them that Christ died for them. He says that if all they have to do is follow the rules than Jesus died for us in vain. He did not die in vain. He has set us free. Unwrapping our fingers from our tidy book is difficult though.  When we let the rules reign over us we depend on ourselves to save us. We don`t depend on God; we depend on ourselves to do it all correctly.

Let God live through you. With Him, we don`t have to constantly worry about what we look like to others because it doesn`t matter. Because we live to know God and to make Him known.

Greater is the one Living inside of me than he who is living in the world.

1 John 4:4

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  1. Amy says:

    Yes! I love this: “When we let the rules reign over us we depend on ourselves to save us. We don`t depend on God; we depend on ourselves to do it all correctly.” That is a very profound insight, Sarah, one that many adults never grasp. We can also transfer this to others when we wait for somebody else to guide us. The freedom in Christ is so beautiful, isn’t it, and it’s all there in God’s word for us to discover, if we take the time to get into it!


    1. Sarah says:

      What a lovely comment, thank you. We can find so many ways to depend on ourselves, it`s astonishing! There is a simple truth that we often ignore. The thing we seem to forget is that Christ died for our sins, and we are forgiven. We don`t need to save ourselves, God did.


  2. Kate Pipher says:

    Sarah… I’m so lucky to have a friend like you. I love your insights. You bring truth to my day, and it’s so nice to hear it from a friend like you. Keep preaching it girl! 😉 I love you.


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