SnowBound: What`s Saving My Life Right Now.

There are two ways of looking at being snowed in.Trapped inside, shut out, gone. Or cozily closed in, a curl-up-and-read-a-good-book day offered to you. There is a certain amount of things that, right now, I feel I could not live without.

Modern Mrs. Darcy wrote a beautiful link-up post called What`s Saving My Life Right Now. Today I`m going to join her in writing about mine, and I would encourage you to do the same and leave a link to your blog in the comments, or if you don`t have a blog, write a comment about it.

1. Music. It`s cold outside, but you feel safe inside you toasty warm house. Added to that I`ve had lots of music playing as a background. I`ll sort books or sweep my floor while I listen but it adds to the whimsical indoorsy feel. I`ve mostly been listening to Punchbrothers, lately. I just discovered them and I love their eclectic collection of songs…

punch brothers2. A yellow Dog. Yesterday I went outside. I took my huge golden retriever with me. He is so friendly, the sweet thing. I would jump into a pile of snow and he would leap upon me like I was there just for him. His panting face seemed to glow with happiness. It made my day, to see him so overjoyed in life.

He has the cutest brown eyes...
He has the cutest brown eyes…

3. Rich chocolate cookies with milk. I don`t know where my life has been before my sister made these dark, rich delights.

Ooh, don`t you want a bite?
Ooh, don`t you want a bite?
Milk is a necessity.
Milk is a necessity.

Sarah`s blog pictures SD #4 381
They are the kind of cookie you think of right when you get up in the morning and want to eat for breakfast. They remind me of brownies except a lot richer and in a cookie form. They make me pause and savor a nice chocolaty moment.

4. Writing. I find myself, especially when it gets cold, wanting to write and write and write. My paper and pen are my best friend.

Sarah`s blog pictures SD #4 305Sarah`s blog pictures SD #4 307

This is one of my favorite pen, Pentel 24.7.
This is one of my favorite pens.

5. Reading some good books. Beverly Cleary, Brian Jacques, Mark Twain, and the World magazine. This is my group of survival books today. Beverly Clearly is a good author for me to read when I just need to read, not get completely and utterly emotionally attached to it. Brian Jacques is more tense, but that is good. The words he uses to describe things are beautiful, also his stories are very unique with mice as charactors. ( Yes, I get very emotionally attached to characters, especially the ones who tend to die.) I hope everyone has heard of Mark Twain. I am convinced he was a genius. I am extremely impressed by his short stories. The World magazine is a wonderful Christian magazine. I keep a large stack of them in my room.Sarah`s blog pictures SD #4 335Sarah`s blog pictures SD #4 346Sarah`s blog pictures SD #4 3436. My heater. I really don`t know if I would have not frozen in my ice-cold room (kidding) if not for my heater. I complained to my mom about how cold it was in my room and poof like a magic fairy she came up from the pitch-black basement with a little space heater, perfect.
Sarah`s blog pictures SD #4 349

7. Candles. They cloak me in a velvety warmth of soft peace. See for yourself.
Sarah`s blog pictures SD #4 393Sarah`s blog pictures SD #4 265Sarah`s blog pictures SD #4 254Sarah`s blog pictures SD #4 251

8. My guitar. When I play my beautiful little Bonnie girl all my cares fly away. All I hear is the notes ringing in my ears. My mind goes a thousand miles in every direction while I play, but it`s a peaceful thinking.

Sarah`s blog pictures SD #4 360

Sarah`s blog pictures SD #4 359

Sarah`s blog pictures SD #4 354

Through this post I have a visual picture of just a few of my many blessings! So when I feel spiritless I can look back on this and scold myself. I`m sure just by reading this your mind is groping for ideas about what you could not survive without, I can`t wait to read them!

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  1. Laurel says:

    Wonderful post! Wondering why I haven’t experienced some of these delightful cookies yet…. 😉 Excellent pictures as well!


    1. Sarah says:

      There is one left…… it has a pecan on it. You`d love that wouldn`t you. 😉


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