Embrace My School?: Is There Really a Bright Side To Things?

I embraced the new year with a heart full of inexpressible pleasure. I felt fresh and new. Then I realized Christmas break does end. Suddenly I realized, my carefree life of pure bliss frolicking around all day, was evaporating like smoke in the wind. School was approaching on the horizon attempting to seize me in its grasp. *Ugh.*

And now it`s here. Here with all the books and studying. Here with the stress and heartache. Though it`s hard to get back into the swing of things there is a good side to school. I can`t get my break back, can I? So it is best for me to start finding the good things in it….

Sharpies are my pride and joy.
Sharpies are my pride and joy.

I have been homeschooled my whole life, and I love it. I love learning and digging deep into books.

Picture from pinterest.com.
Picture from pinterest.com.

Routine. I work better with it, it gives more order to my life. I love the fresh feeling of getting up at six. The house is all quiet and dark. The only thing I hear is my own breath and moving. I could go through my morning and tell you exactly what I do every time, and maybe one day I will.

I watch myself writing this, chattering on about how everything does have a bright side.( Which is true!) But, I`m not feeling the sunny radiant feeling of the bright side. It`s looking kind of shady and ‘blizzardy’. I am determined, especially if someone will go with me (Readers?!?!), to keep looking high and low for it; to push forward and stop feeling quite so gloomy. Summer is only a semester away, compared to a whole two! There, that`s one thing for me. Where`s your bright side?

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  1. Sarah,
    You’re one of the most talented writers I have ever seen. Thank you so much for every word that comes out of your mouth or flows from you head, down to your graceful hands, and onto the computer. You are amazing.
    Camille Leah Freeland


    1. Sarah says:

      You are one of the most cheerful, beautiful friends I have ever encountered. I was trying to put you guys in as one of the bright sides to school, I just could not find where to fit it in! You most definitely are one!
      You are precious to me, dear!
      ~Olivia Augusta Knightley


    1. Sarah says:

      What a sweet post, Bethany! I`m glad we`re in this be-on-the-bright-side realm together. Love you!


  2. mollybygolly5 says:

    Sarah, my ‘bright side’ right now is starting Drama again-and getting to see you twice a week!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sarah says:

      Thank you so much, blogging friend, you make my life brighter!
      I am loving drama. Friday seems so far away!
      Lets stand on the bright side together!


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