Greetings, Oh New Year!

Dear New Year,

Is it ever daunting to you to have everyone have such high expectations of you? I would be suppressed with worry if I had a barrage of people counting on me to bring great things…

I have high hopes for the year, but I have no way to predict what will happen; it`s rather exciting, isn’t it? Like a great adventure in a fairy story. Or a new book unopened, which holds great promise of being an exciting novel. Even though a certain amount of mystery is pleasant, curiosity of what is to come is so unsatisfying I would rather dodge thinking of it, eh?

I would love to take more pictures this year with my pretty little Nikon camera. I go between different phases of taking pictures all the time and then none at all. There is a saying that keeps jumping up to me. I get tired of hearing it, but no matter how I rebel, it stays the same. “Practice makes perfect.” I would like to improve in photography; henceforth, I should practice, and I have been, more or less steadily. For a plus, it`s fun and I can look back on my photos and see my improvement.

I`ve been trying mirror self-portraits.
I`ve been trying mirror self-portraits.

I also want to have joy this year. Sometimes joy can even come up in sad times in life; at those times you are still sad, you just have a certain peace about you because of God`s complete presence in you. I guess it wraps up also with trust–an overwhelming, self-abandonment to God. I imagine it like a drop of water in a waterfall, not afraid in any way to fling itself over the side of the cliff because it knows a steady connection of water will catch it and hold it safe and tight at the bottom. How free it is.

Such beauty is captivating..*sigh*
Such beauty is captivating..*sigh*

…what  do you think, New Year? What gorgeous new treasure awaits me to  discover in this year? In this day? Hour? The mere thought makes me ambitious and ready to move forth with a jump in my step. This year is like that fresh new notebook you get at the start of a school year. I can visualize in the same way my life`s sin being swept away like brushing away the crumbs off the paper from a pencil`s eraser because I have a new life in Christ. A new identity. Now, the next thing I need to learn is to remember to write 2014 2015.

Happy wishes!


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  1. Amy says:

    Happy wishes to you, too, dear Sarah! A new year is a beautiful opportunity (though it can be intimidating!) and I like what Anne Shirley said about a new season of life that she had entered: “A brand new year, with no mistakes in it . . . ” (yet!). Do you make resolutions or goals? I haven’t made any yet, but I plan to!


    1. Sarah says:

      It`s such a wonderful feeling, isn`t it? I love Anne Shirley, one of my favorite stories! It`s so fresh and beautiful.
      I`m trying to decide whether to make any or not. I would like to be able to keep them if I make them, since I believe that is the point of resolutions. I shall see…..


  2. Lovely blog post, niecey. 🙂


    1. Sarah says:

      Thanks, Aunty.


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