My Imagination Is Running Like the Wind!

No doubt by now you know I have a crazy imagination. I love it, truly I do. But a lot of times it gets me into trouble. Like…..fainting. Now, some people faint from seeing blood or hitting their elbow just right, I faint from imagination. I`ve fainted….let`s see now, 3 times? It really seems like more than that…. And so, though this is painful to write, I know that these hold interesting stories that I cannot conceal.

When I was seven or eight years old my mother used to give piano lessons to two wonderful friends of ours and while one was getting a lesson the other would come and play with us. We were playing away, when, as accidents happen, I cut my little finger on something.  We strolled inside to wash it up in the basement. I remember standing there, finger throbbing, staring into the mirror at my blue eyes. We joked about it. My friend said,” And the color drained from her face.” After that it was no longer funny because when I looked in the mirror it actually did look as if my face was turning white. In books, when someone faints they usually say “and then everything went black.” I find this to be false, it`s more like suddenly you wake up and you can`t breath, you’re confused, and you think you almost died from some major heart attack or something and will be paralyzed for life. Terrifying. In a nutshell, this is what happened to me. I just woke up. After a few moments of wondering why my friend was gone, abandoning me there by myself, I flew upstairs to my mother and hysterically spewed out what had happened. After things smoothed out the only thing left blank was why my friend had just left…. turned out I had fainted at the perfect time in my friend`s and my dramatic game. She thought I was just acting and had complimented me on how real my faint looked as I had dived to the floor, my head landing on a convenient empty ice cream bucket. At that moment her mother came to say it was time to leave, and she had patted my hand and said goodbye.

I remember another time when I had a bloody nose. Sometimes you reach a point when you`re sure it will never end. That you`ll sit there forever and all the things you wanted to do today? *Sigh* Gone. Then I had a mortifying thought, ” What if it never did stop? What if I would slowly just lose all of my blood and fade away like a wilted rose?” Then my mother came into the room and I quietly whispered to her,” Can you bleed to death?” Kaboom! And, I woke up. A bright side to this is that my nose stopped bleeding after that. 🙂

The last time I remember is especially aggravating to me, for some reason. It`s funny how hospitals do weird things to people sometimes. We were there, visiting,  and we were casually sitting there talking when the guy there showed us his scar. Things are not as you may expect. My sister, Hannah abruptly fainted. When I saw her faint I thought she had died or something. Why is it that even when you`ve experienced fainting two times, when someone else faints or you faint you still have no clue they`ve fainted until you have time to think about it for a long quiet time or someone tells you? At that thought I felt really dizzy, and sick. Already panicky at the horror that my sister was majorly ill or something, it really wasn’t helpful when I had other imaginings that were overly crazy. I thought,” Maybe there is a poison bomb that just exploded here, Hannah went first and now we are all slowly going to die off!” Then I woke up…… I remember afterwards walking around the hospital trying to recover. Our sweet little trip to visit someone did not turn out very well, did it?

There you are, the stories of my fainting life. As my sister Jamie said,” Well I guess she won`t be a nurse.” Yes, Jamie I suspect you may be right, you may be right…..

fainting couch
a fainting couch

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  1. Aleshia O'Neal says:

    You have amused me today, sweet Sarah. I’m thankful I found your blog on my lunch break! Give your mom and Hannah a hug from me and come visit in Arkansas–new creatures have arrived since your last visit and I’m sure you would love helping Caleb with the chores! 🙂


    1. Sarah says:

      Thank you so much for your sweet complements. I am undeniably glad you found it too!
      Do you know that I`ve been trying to get my parent to take us to Arkansas for a while now? I think it would be wonderful to see you all again! My yearning is doubled now that I have discovered that I could help Caleb with chores and see your unique animals.


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