I hope everyone has memorable traditions at Thanksgiving time. It adds something special to the whole occasion that cannot be replaced. I have several in my family.

One tradition that always flies into my mind is donut making. Way back when, my grandpa, every time at Thanksgiving, made donuts. Then one year we decided to pick up his idea and henceforth, uncovered the whole wonder of homemade donuts. With the sugary frosting coaxing you in on the outside and then the chewy delight of the breading.

The best part of the donut making process, in my opinion, is eating way too many donuts and knowing you have but no one caring, because they`re doing the same thing. It is wonderful.

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I wish it wouldn`t hurt dough to play with it. It was beautiful.

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My Grandpa never did holes because the`re really hard, I`m so glad we do them now. Mmmmm.
My Grandpa never did holes because they`re really hard, I`m so glad we do them now. Mmmmm.

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When we finished it was a triumphant moment.
When we finished it was a very triumphant moment.

After donuts comes the more traditional part of Thanksgiving, family. So we packed up and headed out with all our other goodies to share with everybody. Inside this tradition a few more hide. First Grandpa Jim`s meat, and secondly a contest with ourselves to try to get more pies on the table than our highest record, 16.

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It was delicious!

And the pies, *sigh*…..

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The gorgeous pie table, that’s not all the pies yet.

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After we ate the pies.
They were good.

Through all of this fun and games it doesn`t seem very difficult to find something you’re thankful for, does it? While you’re surrounded by pies, kittens, and family? But in a week from now, when the fun and games of Thanksgiving are gone, there is no doubt that you still have something in your life to be thankful for, but you may not be thinking about them. Try to remember what you’re grateful for even when it isn`t a holiday. Put a smile on your face and look at the beautiful day outside. Think about life through a lens of joy, and your life will have a glow of peace in it  that`s even greater than pie.

Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right,  whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable think on these things.

Philippians 4:8

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  1. Bethany says:

    Yaay! I love donut making. 🙂 Those look incredible. Your blog is so sweet, and I love reading all your posts. Keep writing!


    1. Sarah says:

      It was a lot of fun! They disappeared pretty quickly.
      Thank you! I`m glad you enjoy it. I return the same to you, your writing is gorgeous! Your a great inspiration.


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