A “Deer” Friend


My goodness, Have I never introduced you? Allow me, this is my dear companion, Lucifer. He is constantly a true friend by being forever…consistent? He is a very heroic buddy.

Many years ago, when we were flying headlong into working in my room, ( repainting walls, putting in new windows, etc.) my mom blurted out,” I think the deer head in the basement would look splendid in your room.” I remember, vaguely, replying–saying I thought it would probably fit the room`s atmosphere. The next day the deer suddenly and mysteriously appeared on my bedroom wall. ( Right above my bed. Nice thing to wake up to, right?) Before long though, after I got used to waking up with ole Lucy there to stare down at me with his icy eyes, we became close friends. We have been ever since. (sigh….)

Lucifer is much more than….let us say…. decoration.(Sorry Lucy…) He has provided a brilliant conversation piece, and boundless entertainment….

A friend and I got creative.....
A friend and I got creative.



Through all the years Lucifer has remained, elegantly suspended, his gentle little ears peacefully lilting to the side. Though he refuses to respond to my friendly chatter, I know he will always be waiting there in my room for me, ready to jump into an imaginative pixie land where we romp off together, the sun burning into our playful faces– my fanciful playmate and I.

“I love you!”


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  1. I love this Sarah! As always, your writing and i sigh is amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sarah says:

      Thank you! That`s is very sweet of you.


  2. And i didn’t mean to say and I sigh is amazing, I meant to say your writing as always is amazing. Sorry about that


  3. Sarah says:

    I understood what you meant. 🙂


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