A Dandy Occasion

Sometimes out of life springs a joyous surprise that wakes you up like fresh air. After it your life closes to feelings of dullness. Though its hard to see all the memorable events fly past, it`s best to rise up out of it and rejoice in our blessings.

Don`t be sorry that it`s over, be glad that it happened.

~ Dr. Seuss

In one short day, something I`ve been awaiting for a long time will have spun past me in a flourish of laughter and sugar. We`re having a tea party. And not just any ordinary tea party with tiny little plastic cups and water for tea, it’s a breakfast tea party and we`re going all out.  We`re even dressing up in gorgeous old-fashioned dresses! We`ll have dainty little foods, tea, and games. Oh, I can see it now….

Before anything can become utterly festive, though, it might be rather imperative that we prepare…

A grochary list is always a great idea.
A grocery list is always a great idea.

After planning all the delicate little foods, we endeavored to bake…..and bake…..and bake….

These were my favorite, strawberries stuffed with cheesecake!
These were my favorite, strawberries stuffed with cheesecake!
Oh, we might of tried some.....
Oh, we might have tried some…..
Aren`t they gorgeous?
adorable mini apple pie envelopes

The day now come, we donned luxurious dresses and fairly skipped out to the car. The hardest part about it on the drive was not to swipe off the top of one of the cream cheese strawberries.

It`s so satisfying to take all of a day`s work and put it together on one table. It makes an even clearer impression of why you took so much time to do this.


Have you ever noticed that when you’re making something, it takes a lot longer to make than  to rip it apart? That’s similar to something fun you’re doing,–it takes days to get ready for just one hour of enjoyment.


Even little moments, though, provide an abundance of memories that will be with you forever.

Photo courtacy: Megan Carlson
Photo courtesy: Megan Carlson

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Anne says:

    Oh, the memories we do make together! A beautiful post. I can’t wait to read the next one!


    1. Sarah says:

      Yes, indeed! Thank you mother.


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