We live in a world OVERWHELMED by clutter and complexity. We live in a world where everyone HIDES behind a mask. We live in a world that WORSHIPS complaining.

We know we will never be enough.

But how can this be the truth? How can we continue to live this way?

We live overwhelmed by life. We are constantly told that we are all special– yet our actions speak louder. Everywhere is the message that we need to wear our hair a certain way, dress a certain way, speak a certain way, act a certain way– but does it really have to be so confusing?

We live in a world that hides behind a mask that says, “I’ve got everything under control; I’m perfect.”  Yet, we are only trying to convince ourselves by saying this. We peep at the world behind the screens of our phones and wonder-am I really good enough? But do we have live this way just because everyone else is?

We live in a world where being ungrateful is popular. Complaining is a common conversation starter. But wouldn’t it be freeing to look for the joy in life? Can we wake up from a cloak of ingratitude formed by years of use? How can we disagree with what the world is screaming at us?

I am Sarah, the author of AFlyOnZWall, and I am honored to meet you. I am here to encourage you, inspire you, and tell you that there are people who have learned the joy of simplicity. I am one.  I have seen others. I know the real contentment it brings. I know that it only takes a small beginning.

I want to invite you to quit the life of being overwhelmed and find the joy of just living.

I want to tell you that you can live simply; you can be genuine; you can find the joy of being grateful because you are redeemable.

Join me– and let’s learn together.